Monday, September 10, 2007

Yarn Dieting

Well... I went to upload my new yarn (TOFUtsies) to Ravelry and it said "Hello Nabschan! You are uploading your 20th stash item".


I do believe it's time to go on a stash diet. Most of the yarn in my stash is sock yarn, so I'm going to be trying to knit up some socks before I buy more. I also got my first pair of Addie Turbos. They're teeny tiny for socks. I wonder how they'll work. This might be one rather expensive experiment. I love the cable that holds the needles together already. I have Boye Interchangables and the cables aren't nearly so nice. I hear that Knit Picks interchangables cables are similar. If so, I might bug people to buy me that for xmas. <_<;;

Since there's a sale at Mission Rose Quiltery on Thursday (30% off), I'll probably hit them up and get those 2 skeins of Claudia I need. I got 2 skeins from my mom for my b-day, but they were only enough for 1 sock each. XD

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omly said...

Heh, 20 stashed items. I have decided not to enter my stash because I don't want to know it's exact extent. (It fits in 2 large plastic bins.)

Having used both the Addis and Knit Picks, I actually prefer the (metal) KP needles. The have the same slick quality, and after several uses it does not seem to be wearing off like the Addis does. The cable join is quite similar, but if anything the KP cable resists crimping better (important for magic loop).