Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lots of Stuff!

Well, I am officially done with my Firmaments Lace Shawl! YAAAAYY!! I did mess up in section C of the lace, but seeing how long it took to bind off (and I was about 80% done with the binding off when I noticed it), I wasn't about to rip back. I'll live with it. I must say I enjoyed lace knitting.

Speaking of lace... I've cast on for the Hemlock Ring blanket. In June??!! Yes, in June. XD I'm one crazy mofo! It's been really easy and enjoyable so far. I'll probably take it to knit night at Nina's house.

I've also decided to rip back that bag. I just don't like it. It looks nice in the picture, but it's a little too weird for me. I'll rip and start knitting it in a different pattern.

I'm also going to NYC for my bday. I'm planning to go to the Lion Brand Studios, but I would also like to hit a few more yarn stores. I've been reading on Ravelry that quite a few stores in the NYC area are closed. Maybe I'll just hit Kinokuniya and look at their magazines for J-knits... I also want to go to Alice's Tea Cup. =D

Monday, May 18, 2009

To Frog or Not to Frog...

I got a free pattern from Michaels and it was for a crochet market bag. I thought it was quite pretty in the picture, but it seems no one on Ravelry has made it yet (or has bothered to post it). But the further along I get on this bag, the more I'm not sure I like it. I don't like sewing stuff up (I mean, something like a bag can easily be done in the round. Especially in crochet!), so why is this pattern done flat? Even the bottom doesn't really make sense.

I'm wondering if I should just frog it and start either on a different bag pattern or even remaking this so I can just crochet it in the round.

On the other hand, I am about halfway done (and put in a lot of time on it). I'm not really looking forward to putting this cotton back onto the mega huge ball it once was.

Guess I'll work on my shawl for a bit while I mull this over. =(

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Wheel Adventures

Well... as much as I love my Mach 1, it is a HEAVY HEAVY wheel. Yes, I know, it has wheels, but really! You have to lift it in and out of the car, and heaven forbid it should be raining/snowing/sleeting/going upstairs to Nina's place, you're gonna have to carry into wherever it is you're going.

So I bought a new wheel. It is a Fidelis from Heavenly Handspinning. It's a single treadle made from the wheel of a bicycle! Now, I've heard both bad and good things about the Heavenly Handspinning wheel, but the weight and price sold me. After all, it couldn't be any worse than the Hitchhiker. ^_^;;

The Good: It is light, fast, and cheap. The bobbins are DIRT CHEAP. I got 3 of them for $25 and it also comes with 3. It's very easy to assemble and the packaging it was shipped in kept it very safe. It's also cute and it's better looking than the PVC wheels out there. You can also customize it by staining it however you prefer.

The Bad: It's not like any other wheel I've ever spun on before and it takes a bit of getting used to. The bobbin spins and the flier stays still. Now you're probably thinking "Well... how different can that be?". Very. It takes a bit of experimentation to figure out how to spin on it. I found that I do long draw very well on it.

The bobbins are kinda.... cheap. Both to the touch and sight. They look like a fine plywood and are a bit rough.

The noise... Well, generally, it's fairly quiet. However, if the bobbin gets too close to the orifice, it does make a click, click, click noise slightly louder than keyboard strokes (at least my keyboard!). It's still a much quieter wheel than the Hitchhiker's direct drive.

Is it worth it? I think it is. Some people find that you need to push hard on the treadle to get it to spin. I don't find that to be true. I use very little tension and it sucks up the fiber fairly quickly with not much effort on the treadling. And it takes less concentration and effort in the treadling than the Hitchhiker. I'm not sure if I'd recommend it as a first wheel, but if you're on a tight budget, it's a fairly decent wheel. I'd love to try out a double treadle one. XD

My friends are talking about getting me those little doodads that you used to stick on your bicycle spokes when you were 7. You know... they make a cute clink clink clink as your bicycle wheel turns. Does anyone remember those? I think they should get me a reflector. Hmm.. maybe a bike chain. I could chain up my wheel when I go to the ladies room. Oh the humor possibilities! XD

Monday, March 23, 2009


I finally got to the last lace repeat (and bind off edge) of the Lace Firmaments Shawl. However, I know I'm gonna need a lot of quiet time to concentrate on this. I really really really don't want to rip back on this part, so it's gonna stay at home where I can tink, swear, and concentrate on the shawl without any distractions.

In the meantime, I need something to take to knitting with me! Sooooooo.... SOCKS!!!! I'm casting on the Chevy Socks from Knitting with Handpainted Yarn book. This is some yummy yummy green yarn by Knitpicks. Now, I've got PLENTY of prettier yarn to knit with, but I've been wanting to knit with this yarn since I got it.

SOCKS!!!!!! =D

Thursday, February 19, 2009


When I started my lace shawl, I was 100% burned out on socks. I didn't want to look at another pair of socks. So I decided to either knit a shawl or the tilted duster (sweater) to just get out of the monotony of socks. It's a good thing I did. I needed it.

However, I just bought Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn by Carol J. Sulcoski and I am dying to knit up a pair of socks. There are so many seriously good patterns in it! Bad bad bad news. I know if I start a pair, my shawl will just sit on the needles for the next 3 years. ARGH! I even got some yummy yummy sock yarn in the mail, too! D=

I'm doomed. ;_;

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lace and Twilight

I'm still working on my Lace Firmaments Shawl and fortunately, I'm not tired of it yet. There was one HUUUUGGEE set back when I started the 3rd lace chart, but I put double the effort in and made it back to where I frogged back after a day and a half. I have to do the current chart 9 times over and I'm only 3 repeats in (6 more to go). I haven't bothered to put in any more lifelines (maybe I should, I just don't seem to be that far... at least in my eyes).

My friends Vanessa and Nina have gotten me into the Twilight series. I'm enjoying it so far, but because this lace is rather complicated (too complicated to read and knit at the same time), so I've been listening to it on audiobook. I'm about halfway thru the 2nd book and it's slow going. Mostly because I've been neglecting my podcast subscriptions and listening to those also. I had about 42 un-listened to podcast and now I'm down to 28!

Well, back to knitting. This shawl ain't gonna knit itself! XD

(I honestly can't tell how far along I am since this is a round shawl. I don't think I'm halfway yet, tho.)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Almost a year??!! D=

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I've updated my blog! To be honest, I kinda forgot about it! So... what's happened?

I got a new spinning wheel. It's a Mach 1 by Spinnolution and it spins like a DREAM. It can even do fat art yarns.

I also sold my Hitchhiker. I just couldn't get used to it. It's a very nice portable spinning wheel, but I just couldn't get the knack of it.

I can't tell you how many pairs of socks I've knit. SOOOO many! I've kept less than half the pairs I've knit up, tho. My friend Vanessa got a pair for xmas. =D

What's on my needles now? I'm starting the Firmaments Lace Shawl... and it's the FIRST lace project I've ever done. I know I'm supposed to put in lifelines, but I just don't like doing it! However, as soon as I complained about them, I really did have to use it. XD So I've learned not to complain too much because it just saved me from losing EVERYTHING. I've almost reknit everything I lost, so it's not too bad.

I hope I can update my blog before NEXT year. Uguuu~ I'm a bad blogger. ;_;