Saturday, September 29, 2007

Vintage patterns

One of the local libraries had a book sale and I decided to sift through the craft section. I came upon quite a few vintage knitting magazines, but only a couple actually caught my eye. One is a 1963 copy of Spinnerin. It's really quite amazing. A LOT of the patterns in it could be knit and be very trendy today. I'll probably have to look up some of the weights/sizes of the yarn, but I think I might knit some of these up. They're quite pretty. There's even a pattern for a coat/skirt set that looks very Jackie O.

The other is a 1974 knitting mag called "For the Family" by Annis Holmes and has a few hat, mitten, sock, and scarf patterns. I'm a sucker for socks and mittens, so I had to grab it.

All in all, it cost me $1. XD

Edit: I stopped by A.C. Moore's knitting demo today and got a free pair of size 17 needles. SWEET! Going to go back on Monday and try to get some 40% off Paton's Classic Wool for a pair of felted clogs.


omly said...

See that is why I love vintage patterns. Usually they are very reasonably priced, and often you can get them in designs that are simply classic.

omly said...

This is a reminder of the fourth contest for the HSS2. Please e-mail photos of your completed socks before you post them. Five points are given for each person who sends a photo, and she is going to be giving away a skein of sock yarn and some roving to the two randomly drawn winners.