Thursday, May 19, 2011

Must be the end of the world or something!

Because I'm actually updating my blog! YOIKS! It's been a long time. Many things have happened (probably too much to actually write). Anyhoo... I've been thinking about joining The Knitgirllls Stash Dash. It runs from May 27-August 15 and you have to knit 5 km (5460 yards) of yarn. I've been pretty lazy about my knitting, so maybe this will give me the kick in the pants I need. XD

Oh! One of the things I've been doing is a yarn diet. It's going fairly well. I've only added 3 skeins of yarn to my stash since going on this diet in January. I really need to knit some of it down.

I'm currently knitting a shawl called The Weekend Shawl by Anne Kuo Lukito. I've had to knit it TWICE! I didn't like the size it came out on the needles it called for, so I did it on size 7s. But I'm almost done with that sucker! Oh man, I can't wait to be done with this. Took WAY more than a weekend.

I'll likely take a small break and knit up a couple of wash clothes in my favorite pattern. I need some instant gratification after this shawl. I'll also try to squeeze in finishing a couple of UFOs in the form of socks that are mostly done.

So much to do, so little time to knit it all in.