Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Well, I feel sheepish!

I'm a bad bad blogger. I know. I go YEARS without a peep. Mostly it's just that I forget. Sometimes it's because I don't have much to update about.

Today, I put a new band drive on my poor Mach 1 that's been gathering dust in the corner. It's not that I don't like this wheel. I love it. I do! However, it's big, bulky and hard to get to through my clutter. I've had some mystery fiber languishing on it for years. I bought this fiber when I was just getting into spinning because it was purple and soft. Not even the woman selling it knew what it was. I only knew it wasn't mohair.

Well, it's like a whole different person had spun it. It was thick (very thick!) spun. Almost a worsted weight single. I never spin that thick! D=

So I'm spinning on a wheel I'm no longer familiar with, trying to match the spinning of my past self who spun extremely chunky. I'm so in over my head. XD

My spinning mojo is high.
My knitting mojo is almost non-existent.
My sewing mojo is high as well.

On the sewing front, I've been making male and female Oneida No Face dolls. I've been trying to make a male/female pair for every season. So far, I've done Fall and Winter. The fabric for Spring just arrived (strawberry fabric is nearly impossible to find here, regardless of season). I have NO clue what design to do for summer. I'm hoping some fabric will just jump out an grab me.