Sunday, July 1, 2007

Uh ohes.... What have I done?!

My family knows I knit. It's fairly common knowledge. They also know not to ask anything of me because I'm notorious for saying I'll do something.... and maybe doing it way way later. ^^;; I do nice knits for my family, but it's never when they're expecting it.

Lately I've been into knitting socks. Lots of socks. =D So, I casually asked what color socks they like. My mother likes turquoise, but since she's diabetic, she can only wear white socks. I also know that if I make her socks, they'll have to be a lace pattern with a lot of give so they don't cut off blood circulation in any way.

But the real stumper is my brother. He has been hinting that he'd like a pair of black socks. Now... let me tell you a little something about my brother. He has a bad habit of wearing socks.... for weeks. XP His socks will stand up, walk to the hamper, and put themselves in. So I've been trying to think... what kind of socks should I make him? They would have to be machine washable. Cotton makes a certain kind of sense, but I really like wool socks. And then... I began wondering about making them in a wool/bamboo blend! Not only would it be wool (which I like), the bamboo is anti-microbial (which probably help his extremely stinky feet).

Hopefully, with hand knit socks, he'd be more inclined to change his socks more often. A girl can hope. ;_;

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