Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm... dyeing!

Dyeing... not dying. XD

A couple of days ago, I got some packets of Kool-aid out and tried my hand at dyeing. It seemed to come out pretty well. The yellow/gold is absolutely perfect. The red needs a bit more dyeing. I'm afraid it'll come out too dark. I wonder if I should just do one packet at a time? D=

This is some nerve wracking stuff! O_o;

Edit: I've used 6 packets and it's still not there. I'm wondering how many I'm gonna have to use. D=

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Gryffinitter said...

Ok, I am a Gryffindor and I desperately need to know what Kool-aid Colors you used to get the yellow/gold!!!!!

"Olive MacGonagall" from Hogwarts-sock-Swap-Two.

Kool-Aid does work, even to get dark colors, but you might not only need a lot, you also might need a slighly different color sometimes. There is really only one blue shade you can get from them, as far as I know, but there are probably several different reds, depending on the amount of yellow in the red.

I understand that in certain quarters the Tamarind flavor is/was especially favored. It makes a more complex color, I think, than, say, Lime. You have to shop in Spanish oriented stores to get it, I have heard. I live in a big city with all kinds of people around and did not have trouble finding it two years ago, but have not seen it lately...