Friday, June 29, 2007

Closure and a New Beginning

Today's been a really great day. I've cast on for my 2nd Gryffindor Scarf inspired sock using the DMC embroidery thread and it's going well. I feel like I can finally let go my my dislike of the stuff and just... finish and forget. I've got the toe already completed, so now I can just go round and round and switch colors until the heel. =3

I think part of my dislike of these socks is the cotton. Unlike wool, it has no give. So if I pull too tight, I have to wrestle with it. If it's too loose, I have to use another needle and even it out some. =( Another might be the gauge. I'm knitting them up on size 3's and that's far too big of a needle. They should probably be knit on size 1 or 2's. XP Either way, they're getting done and it shouldn't take too long since they ARE on bigger needles. =3

Also.... today... I bought a car!!! My very first car. And it's completely paid for. X3 I'm a little disappointed at the amount I had to pay for insurance, but that's only temporary. I'll shop around a bit and find a better policy. In the 10 years I've been driving, I've only been in 1 accident and that was the other person's fault completely (they were speeding). Luckily, my mom's car was a TANK. It only had a busted headlight. Their's was horribly dented. Please... take a lesson from this. If you drive a flashy car with a fiberglass body, don't try to push over a car with a steel body. It's just going to make you cry. ^^;;;

Anyhoo... I just can't wait to drive it home tomorrow. I'll probably be nervous enough to wet myself and all the bad/crazy drivers will be out and aiming for me, but that's ok. At least I'm insured to the gills. XD

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