Friday, June 22, 2007

Ooh! It's my first post!

I've gotten a blogger blog a while ago, but never bothered to try to set it up. This is mostly because I primarily use my Gaia blog to well... show off my knits! There's not a whole lot of knitting blogs on Gaia, so I'm trying to do my best and keep mine up there. And I do spend most of my time on Gaia. ^^;

I'll try to post regularly here. I tried to do a bit of knit blogging on MySpace, but the sheer number of spam posts (and sometimes the inability to edit/delete comments there) is just too difficult to work around. Hopefully it'll be a bit quieter here (spamwise).

What's on my needles now?

Right now, I'm working frantically to get my Gryffindor Scarf inspired socks done in time for the movie release. I'm not quite sure what to do. I bought some very nice yarn from Knitpicks, but the yellow was too yellow and the red was too dark. I might buy some orange Kool-Aid and just... touch up the yellow a bit in the microwave. ^^;;;; Seriously! A touch of orange (not a lot, just the slightest shade) would really help this yellow.And if the orange gets on the red, it's dark enough that you won't even see it. =D

On a related note, I had.... experimented with DMC Embroidery Cotton for making a pair of socks... and naturally, I hated it. But it did come out to be a very good looking sock! And it was exactly the colors I wanted it. It truly looked like a Gryffindor Scarf inspired sock. So I'm kinda debating whether I should just... use up the DMC Embroidery Cotton I have and have closure or just... abandon said sock and forget about it. Opinions?

I also have my 2nd orange Slinky Sock finished up to the toe. I'll be putting that off until Harry Potter season is over. XD I'll also try to get pictures of both versions of my Gryffindor Scarf inspired socks.

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