Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I'm really glad to see improvement in my dad's condition. I remember when he first went in and could barely speak coherently. Now, I can understand what he says and he's completed therapy with his hand. His leg is still weak, but that he can get up, walk a few steps with minimal assistance... it makes me happy. I hope he comes home soon. =)

On the knitting front, I'm completely burnt out by the completion of the 1 snowflake sock. I've put that on hold and am knitting my brother a pair of mindless Thuja with Ewe-Phoria Sock Yarn. OMG... that sock yarn is SOOO soft and yummy. I'm glad I'll have enough left over after his are done for a pair of anklets for myself. SO SOFT! Working with this yarn has been a joy. He better like these! D< If he doesn't, I'll kidnap them back, rip back the toes and reknit 'em to fit me! ~_^

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