Friday, February 8, 2008

Snowflake Socks

I'm.... unhappy. I get to a VERY nice spot in my knitting... almost being done... and I have to rip them back. It's happened 3 times so far. These socks are taking FOR-EV-ER. I just want them to be done.

Rip 1: Gauge is too tight. I have to rip back to before the heel turn. I can't get them on.
Rip 2: I made a big very noticeable boo boo after the heel turn and have to rip 10 rows back. RIP!
Rip 3: It doesn't fit over my calf. Time to rip back 20 rows and move up to a larger needle. I'm gonna have to go up ANOTHER needle size soon. I just know it.

*whine* Are we there yet? D=

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