Friday, March 14, 2008

Mystical Creation Yarns

*sigh* Such a huge hubbub over on Ravelry concerning this dyer. To be honest, I also purchased some MCY yarn a while ago, but my experience wasn't nearly as bad as everyone else's it seems. My yarn, while thinner than I expected, was exactly what it looked like on Etsy. There were no felted spots, no undyed spots, no breaks, no bleeding and it arrived quickly. The yarn is... I hate to say... perfect. I was lucky.

I've heard such horror stories of what I could have gotten. I consider myself extremely fortunate. But like I said, it was thinner than I expected... and this is my own fault. ^_^;; I should've read the stitches per inch. But what to do with this thin yarn with not much yardage? I sure as heck am not ordering more from her. No sir, I can learn from others mistakes. So no lace stoles for me. =( I did consider knitting up a pair of Mrs. Beatons (lacy cuffs), but I dress up so very rarely, it would seem a waste. But the Ice Queen pattern in the Winter 07 Knitty was perfect! It would use up a large amount of this yarn, I wouldn't be short, it's elegant, and I'm allergic to the recommended Kid Silk Haze. I'm about 30% thru the Ice Queen pattern and it already so pretty and soft. It's truly a shame that MCY had to go downhill in such a terrible manner. I totally would've ordered from her again... if she wasn't such a person of questionable morals.

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@tishushu said...

I feel you about MCY. I bought some in 2006 on Etsy, and I still have most of it. I actually love it, and don't see the fuss... Who knows. I wonder where she is now.